Why Strong Business Pitch Letters Open Doors

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What is business pitch letter?

A business pitch letter is a key presentation document that provides a self-introduction and opportunity for self-promotion for entrepreneurs. A strong business pitch letter will describe the key products and services of a business and it will make clients or investors interested in what the business offers uniquely in their industry. Furthermore, a business pitch letter also tries to convince prospective clients why they need your service, what problem they solve and any additional information about the business’ main points. Like a cover letter, a business pitch letter creates that first impression of a business and should accompany any marketing materials initially presented by an entrepreneur when they are pitching to the media or an investor for support.


The importance of a business pitch letter

It is not exaggerated to say that strong business pitch letters opens doors. A business pitch letter is particularly important for small business owners because small business owners might have funding shortage problems and they do not have strong brandings, therefore they might need to seek funding through sending mails or correspondences, which is a low-cost way for them to collect funding. Business pitch letters might not just serve as the initial contact between business owners and investors, they are also an important bridge to build between businesses and the media. A business pitch letter may allow a business to create initial brand awareness or encourage the media or an investor to ask for more information in order to understand more about the business.


How to write a strong business pitch letter

A strong business pitch letter should have good content and include the following sections:

  • Business details / business header / business logo
  • A catchy title
  • Business background / About the Founder
  • Values and mission of the business
  • Unique selling point
  • An outline of products and services
  • Future projects
  • Business history
  • A request to follow up for more information

Overall a business pitch letter should make investors, the media and other readers clearly know the business idea, the business direction and realize the benefits to invest or take interest in the business. A business pitch letter should be concise and to the point, act like an immediate elevator pitch and outline the business model.


Common mistakes in pitching

When writing a business pitch letter, it is important to avoid common mistakes because they are widely present in the business pitch letters. There are four common mistakes. Firstly, overloading information in the pitching letter will undermine the quality of business reports because they make the report difficult to read and understand. Secondly, if a business pitch letter does not contain the most useful information such as the key competency of business, then it will not be accepted or enter into the main business consideration of business. Thirdly, a good business pitch letter will avoid using vague or unprofessional language. For investors, they do not just care about the business ideas and plans, they also care about the business owners or entrepreneurs. Thus, using professional language can give a good impression for businesses, making them trust the business owners. At forth, a good business pitch letter will focus on an area but not give a broad overview, because this can make investors know clearly what the business will target.  

A business pitch letter can provide investors and the media with clear information about the business setup. A good business pitch letter should contain information including the business owner, product and services information, industry analysis, the business idea and business request. Overall the aim of a business pitch letter is to introduce a business and establish the first point of contact.

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