Diversity Models

Diversity Models is a modelling agency specialising in providing multicultural, curve, disabilities and mature aged models for businesses in the lifestyle, travel, healthcare, education,  beauty and fashion industry in Australia and Asia.

At Diversity Models our strength is in the uniqueness and difference of our models. At our agency, we aim is to bring naturally beautiful everyday models to our clients to ensure that customers can relate well to our client’s marketing and branding goals. Our models reflect a positive variety of cultures, ages and physiques and aim to help businesses create a true image of diversity and support for diversity of customers.

Diverse Models for Businesses

At Diversity Models we are a unique modelling agency that thinks like a marketer. Therefore we provide models for simple, but effective photographic and video based marketing.  We also provide models who will help boost any businesses’ SEO, online marketing and social credibility. We simply love working with businesses who are down to earth, love people and appreciate diverse customers and the concept of diversity.

Diversity Models females

Our Models

At Diversity Models we love working with highly diverse models who are social, culturally rich and body confident.  Therefore we recruit both male and female new or experienced adult models who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s identify with a variety of cultures. We also recruit families of models. Our aim is to work with models from a variety of backgrounds in order to promote diversity and the beauty of diversity for our clients. Our models may be Black / African Descent, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial / Eurasian, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander or Caucasian.

Diversity Models male models